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PS. Cafe @ Palais Renaissance

There are many levels of food — Junk, exquisite, comfort. At times, they meet to form a phenomenal collaboration for a calorie party. I’m talking about Truffle Shoestring Fries & PS. Chicken In A Basket from PS. Cafe. We were in town getting shoved around by the Orchard crowd like a carom being flicked when we had the profoundest cravings for a good ol’ mountain of truffle fries. There was no need for a lengthy discussion about our destination, for there’s only one place we’d claw our way to get our much needed fix.

Department of Caffeine (D.O.C.)

Duxton Hill is quite the haven, isn’t it? I first heard about Department of Caffeine via Instagram. A name like that pressed all the right buttons with me and down it went on my list of café destinations. I have to say D.O.C. blended in rather well with the mix of offices amidst the shophouses. So much so that my bud Krys & I walked right past it though we had our eyes peeled for sight of its site. It is inconspicuously hinged at a corner so don’t miss it!