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Chinese New Year 2014

This Chinese New Year, I had with me something I never had before. A camera. My trusty camera. It’s a great companion and it pushes me to pay attention to the little wondrous things around me that I’d never noticed before. In doing so, I was able to capture moments that we would have probably overlooked and forgotten about by the following year. I had great fun with the candid shots, though my awesome shutter sound gave me away for the stealthier ones. And I figured some of them looked best in black and white, because those still moments didn’t need colour to live, for they had a life of their own. Then of course, Ted Grant’s amazing quote stands as true as can be: “When you photograph people in colour, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls.” Click on thumbnails for larger images.

Youtube Finds – Jenn Im

“2 days to finals and suddenly all Youtube videos are interesting.” – Friend Indeed. I find myself gravitating to truckloads of videos during exam season and in my case, as a stuffing for my ‘little’ study breaks. Since Youtube videos are usually around 10-15 minutes, hey they’re perfect! I’ve recently chanced upon Jenn Im’s Youtube channel (Clothes Encounters) and there’s something about her that induces me to click on virtually every one of her videos. I actually probably know what that something is.