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Easy Homemade Burgers for “Burginners”

I have a love-hate relationship with burgers. We used to be pals. One cheeseburger meant a spanking new toy to play with. Then at some point while growing up, I swore off all kinds of fast food because it weighed me down and we drifted apart with the (very) occasional ‘ketchup’ session. But in recent years, gourmet burgers found their way onto my plate, some interestingly slathered with peanut butter, others with the juiciest patty yet. Watching Gordon Ramsay swiftly whipping up some simple sliders on his cooking show gave us the nudge to follow suit. So with basic ingredients in one hand and beginner skills in another, we dived right in and were pretty pleased with how these homemade burgers turned out, or at least tasted. Ingredients used: Minced beef Bacon bits Egg yolk White mushrooms Arugula salad Onions Cheese Hamburger buns Step 1: Prepare the patties  Place the minced beef in a bowl. You’ll probably want to add in more ingredients, depending on your personal preferences. To add a bit more flavour and texture to the beef …