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one man coffee

Cafe Review: One Man Coffee

Upper Thomson Road is one street sprawled with more food spots than dots on a dalmatian and while it’s not the most accessible location at the moment (to me, accessible means an mrt station located nearby), it is a place I would like travel to more often, especially for their newest coffee joint – One Man Coffee. At first glance: A quirky witty logo, cartoons and coffee? – I think I’ll like it here. I did.  Sharing four walls and an alfresco area with Crust Pizzeria, One Man Coffee shines in the chirpy space along with the rising sun and goes to bed by the evening, when delightful pizzas come out to play. The limited seating may pose a problem when the promising cafe rises in popularity (probably some time now, since I visited it a week after their opening) but I really hope they don’t clutter the currently comfortable space with more tables to lose its cosy charm. Lucky for us, we arrived the first day they introduced brunch specials to the menu. One …

Kith Cafe At Park Mall

It’s June! My favourite month out of the twelve, especially this year with the Europe trip drawing so very near. That said, June definitely got off to a good start with a double date brunch with M & V at Kith Cafe on a sunny, sunny Saturday. The skies were so blue and that put me in a wondrous mood. I reckon no one will ever understand my love for blue skies. No one. (Let me know if you do.) First off, thumbs up to Kith Cafe’s location conveniently and thankfully situated at a less than crowded Park Mall. Cafes like these are nothing but a sheer lack of in town so I believe we’re all terribly grateful for Kith sprouting an outlet there. Handwritten menus certainly added the casual-personal punch. Their tables had such edgy edges of uneven lengths, hosting wood of various textures and colours with slabs of cheery yellow here and there. They reminded me of Emma’s DIY Wood Pallet Table over at A Beautiful Mess, one of my daily reads!